CANDOR works actively to achieve the best possible quality of both our products and services. We have been ISO 9001 accredited since 1994. It is important to us that we continuously advance and improve our business.

Our quality system is an integral part of our business which includes quality, the environment and safety.  All divisions of Candor are covered by the system.

The overarching principle of our quality system is that our customers get the correct product at the correct time and with the correct documentation. Our products and the equipment we supply should always fulfill the quality criteria specified either by us or by the customer. 

All products produced by Candor are tested by our laboratory before being sent to the customer.

Our quality policy also states that CANDOR shall have:

  • A purchase and material flow system that guarantees the correct product to the correct customer at the correct time.
  • Regulations and laws concerning the environment and safety shall be upheld both internally and externally.
  • Documentation which makes it possible that every customer can start, maintain and control processes and equipment.
  • Employees competent in both customer and product service.
  • A labelling system which makes every chemical product traceable with regards to purchase, manufacture and quality control.
  • Matters of quality will be reviewed regularly by company management and departmental meetings.
  • Surveys of customer satisfaction will be carried out regularly.


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