Products for soldering                             

Our product range from BalverZinn/Cobar and other quality suppliers with production in Europe comprises:

  • Machine solder -  SN100C is a patented lead-free solder that can be used in conventional equipment. The solder is of virgin quality. We can also recycle your used solder. Read more about SN100C and at Balver Zinn and Nihon Superior
  • Solder Paste - Solder pastes of various alloys, with and without lead, are available from BalverZinn/Cobar.  Pastes are available for both printing and dispensing.
  • Fluxes- No Clean, VOC-free, etc.
  • Conformal coating - Alkyd and polyurethane type for protection in tough environments, from Beck Insulation.
  • Temporary Solder Stop - Masking fluid and masking tape, (peelable solder masks).
  • Equipment for hand soldering. - Soldering Irons.
  • Products for hand soldering and repair- solder wire, flux paste, desoldering wicks, etc.
  • Cleaning - Biodegradable detergents for boards and screens

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