Candor markets products from world leading suppliers of  processes used to manufacture printed circuit boards and microelectronics.

Our product range covers all of the immersion and plating steps required for printed circuit board manufacture from hole metalization through to the finished product.  The processes come mainly from Dow Electronic Materials and include:

  • Hole metalization - Circuposit 3350-1, a stable electroless copper system. Conductron DP, a palladium based direct metalization process.
  • Imaging  - Dry film for etching and plating.
  • Plating - Electroposit 1300, Microfill THP, Ronastan and SolderOn, electolytic copper and tin.
  • Etching, stripping and oxidation - a variety of processes for the different stages of treatment.
  • Solder mask - Electra Carapace EMP110 and Ronascreen OPSR, a photosensitive solder mask for screen, curtain and electrostatic application.
  • Resistor pastes, conductive pastes and paste for Electro Luminescent bulbs from ElectraPolymers.
  • Solderable finishes -electroless nickel/gold, palladium and processes for hot-air levelling
  • Plating of contacts - electrolytic nickel, gold and palladium processes 
  • Flux and SN100C for hot air levelling.

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