REACH and CLP Information for our customers, July 2013 

At the beginning of 2007 the “REACH” regulations were approved by the European Parlia-ment and its Council. The regulations have been in force since June 1st 2007.

According to the REACH regulations, substances which were not pre-registered, were illegal on the European market as of Dec 1st 2008. The pre-registration process ended Dec 15th 2008.

The registration process started in Jan 2009 when Consortiums or SIEFs were formed for each substance that had been pre-registered. 

Registration time table

  • Nov 2010 All substances ≥1000 tonnes/year
  • Carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive-toxic substances of cat 1 or 2 (CMRs) ≥1 tonne/year as well as environmentally hazardous substances with classification N (R50/53) ≥100 tonnes/year.
  • June 2013 Remaining substances ≥100 tonnes/year and all environmenttally hazardous substances.
  • June 2018 End of registration phase for all other substances ≥1 tonne/year.

One should be aware, that a registration is not a warrant that the substance will be allowed in Europe in the future. The evaluation and authorization procedure can lead to a ban or restric-tion. Another important fact is that a substance may only be allowed for certain applications. 

On December 16th 2008, the Council of Ministers adopted a new regulation on the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP).The new classification became effective on January 20th 2009. It applies directly in the whole EU without having to be implemented in national regulations. The CLP regulation will be adopted gradually. From the 1st December 2010 it will apply only to substances and then from 1st June 2015 extended to cover mixtures as well. 

How do Candor companies implement the REACH Regulation?

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

MSDS of products which Candor has brought to market after 1st July 2007 already comply with the REACH-regulation. CLP regulation will be adopted for substances on 1st Dec 2010. Regarding mixtures and products Candor will gradually make new MSDS which comply to the CLP regulation. Some products may be ready this year others may be ready later but before June 2015. 

Candor own pre-registration

Candor companies have made all necessary pre-registrations of substances by themselves or in chemical products. We have also made strategic pre-registrations of substances we may need to import in the future.

Supplier control and pre-registrations

All of our suppliers have confirmed that necessary pre-registrations of their substances have been made.

Information for Substances on the Candidate list for SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern)

Candor products may in some cases contain substances listed as SVHC in the Candidate List of Authorization published by ECHA. Products containing substances on the Candidate List will be communicated through MSDS to every customer.


Uses and exposure categories

If there is no certain use mentioned in the Safety Data Sheet, Candor will anyway, by ourselves or through suppliers register the following uses/applications:

Surface treatment, metal plating, passivation, soldering, metallization, painting, cleaning, pickling, water treatment, recovery of metal/chemical

Dipping, electrolysis, spraying, flooding, brushing

CLP regulation

Candor companies will adopt the new classification and labelling system for substances (raw materials) on Dec 1st 2010. One consequence will be that all MSDS for pure substances will be revised. New MSDS of these products will be sent to customers at first purchase.

For products (mixtures) the renewal of MSDS will be an ongoing process until the time limit in the year 2015.


Safety reports and exposure scenarios

Candor has received information from some suppliers of raw materials. Depending on the registration time table we may not receive safety reports for all substances until the year 2017. The intention from all our suppliers is to make registration and give Candor access to their exposure scenarios.

Chemicals included in Annex IV, Subject for Authorisation

Candor is supplying Chromic Acid (CrO3) either as a substance or as a component in mixtures. Candor has joined a consortium (CTAC) for a joint application for this substance. It is the intention of Candor to apply for authorisation.

The Future

Regarding REACH registration, customers must be aware that the registration period may differ from substance to substance and for different suppliers. All new information, obtained by safety reports for a substance, will be communicated in our MSDS, as soon as the registration has been accepted and Candor has access to the information.

If it becomes apparent that products have to be changed or that production has to be discon-tinued altogether, we will of course inform our customers as soon as possible.

If you have additional questions about pre-registration, registration or another topic concern-ing the REACH and CLP regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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