Candor offers a wide range of spare parts for both our own plants and those of other companies. With our large network of suppliers we look forward to helping you find just the part you need.

Candor provides both tailor made parts and standard components of various types, for example:

  • Tailor made parts based on our own or your designs. 
  • Bath heaters of various types and materials.
  • Pumps of various types and materials
  • Level controls of various types and materials
  • Thermostats
  • Filters of various types and materials plus we have filter papers and cartriges in stock. 
  • Mixers of various types and materials
  • Anode baskets and goods hangers
  • Rectifiers of various types and capacities
  • Ventilation fans, mist eliminators and scrubbers.
  • Motors and gears.
  • Coating thickness gauges.
  • Hull cells and other laboratory equipment.

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