Candor represents Condat Lubricants, one of the worlds leading suppliers and manufacturers of products developed for drawing and forming of wire and piping.

We market Vicafil® and Steelskin® products for the drawing of various metals and their alloys.

  • Steel with low, medium and high carbon content.
  • Stainless steel alloys.
  • Copper, aluminium and their respective alloys.

The range includes:

  • Dry lubricants - a large assortment of calcium and sodium based soaps, which cover all types of applications and requirements for wire drawing.
  • Surface Treatments – Non-reactive and self-lubricating coatings for both carbon steel and stainless steel wire, which improve the uptake of lubricant when drawing.
  • Soluble lubricants - Emulsions, dispersions and solutions recommended for drawing thin wires and forming operations.
  • Protective oils for metals – Condaprotect®
  • Charcoal based products for wiping galvanized wires– Galvasmooth®
  • The range also includes fire resistant hydrolic oils– Condat D Range

The range also includes Candors chemical products for wire.

  • Alkali Cleaners
  • Cleaners for ultrasonic
  • Processes for the chemical deposition of copper on wire – Additive Inhibitor E-1. These products can be uses with in-line plants or when coating a whole ring, a.k.a. Copper Pickling.
  • Electrolytic in-line plating processes for wire. Processes with high metal deposition speeds e.g. Nickel, copper, tin etc.


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