Candor developes and manufactures plants for the treatment of process water from surface treatment lines.

The plants are equipped with PLC control systems which can be tailored to meet your needs.

These plants can be divided into the following main categories:

  • Closed loop system - evaporation technique – Through use of a vacuum evaporation system the waste water from a surface treatment plant can be re-used. Depending upon the application and chemistry these waste water treatment plants can be fitted with methods of neutralisation before vacuum evaporation or even an ion exchange system for the purified water.
  • Conventional water purification -cleaning of water by neutralisation and lamina separation and a filter press. The cleaned water from the separation then proceeds to a final control with automatic sampling before being released. These conventional water purification systems are built according to the customers required capacity.
  • Ion exchange system – Via ion exchange techniques water can be deionised / stripped of salts to achieve a very pure water when high standards of water quality are required.
  • Reverse Osmosis – Via membrane techniques and high pressure it is possible for ions to be removed from water.
  • Neutralisation – Candor provides systems for the neutralisation of chemicals and dosing of chemicals in a process bath.
  • Filtration – A large assortment of filteration sytems are available.

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